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Face Cream - Kakadu Plum Brighten + Renew Night Cream

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Journey all over Australia in the most enchanting way, from Whitehaven Beach to the UNESCO listed Blue Mountains, Ballarat to the ancient Kakadu National Park. Cross the desert plains of Flinders Ranges and wrap up your adventure in the world's most liveable town, Margaret River with it's renowned wineries.

Our magnificent Landmark candle set includes:
1x QLD Beach Surge Candle
1x NSW Mountain Haze Candle
1x VIC Gold Medal Candle
1x NT Forest Spell Medal Candle
1x SA Earthy Echo
1x WA Gourmet Escape

Each of these 6 Australian settings is incredibly unique and we've captured their essence to bring this wildly beautiful country into your daily life.

Size: 65g per candle
Combined burn time: 90+ hours

Soy Wax, Beeswax, Soybean Oil, Fragrance

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