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Discover Australia with These 6 Wildly Beautiful Scents of Australia

by Noelle Australia |

A land of striking beauty, Australia is a traveler's dream destination. From spectacular beaches to picturesque rainforests, from multicultural cities to red-earthed national parks, Australia has a diverseness that no other continent offers.


Australia is the smallest continent in the world and the largest island on our planet with its extraordinary landscapes, wildlife and beaches. While there is no way to capture the beauty this place is, we have done our best to bottle them as scents in our NOELLE AUSTRALIA Landmark Votive Candles.


Smell is the strongest of all the human senses, which is why certain aromas can help you instantly bring back memories and experiences. We have tried to evoke the same concept to help you experience the Australian landmarks from the comfort of your home. If you have experienced our beautiful country, our candles can help you relive those memories of your trip and if you haven't been to Australia, our candles can help you savor the beautiful destinations from your place of home.


Our magnificent Australian Landmark Votive Candle Set includes 6 candles based on 6 incredibly unique destinations to bring this wildly beautiful country into your daily life.


QLD Whitehaven Beach Surge Candle


Located at Whitsunday Island of Queensland, Whitehaven beach is one of the world's most beautiful and unspoiled beaches with its pristine white sand, sparkling turquoise water and a backdrop of tropical rainforest. The stunning beach has been loved and lauded unanimously by locals, tourists and travel experts and has won several awards over time.


You can experience this award-winning beach with our QLD Beach Surge Candle. The candle captures the Whitehaven beach's invigorating ocean breeze infused with a distinctive note of sea salt and a clean sundried marine crispness.


NSW Blue Mountains Mountain Haze Candle


Listed as a World-Heritage site by UNESCO, the Blue Mountains in NSW are a must-see for any traveler. The area is home to iconic canyons and waterfalls, tall forests and sandstone cliffs. The mountains are named so because they appear blue from a distance. The mountains are clad in vast forests of oil bearing Eucalyptus trees which emit a mist of Eucalyptus oil under the hot sun. The mist refracts light and creates an appearance of blue haze around the mountains.


Our NSW Blue Mountains Mountain Haze Candle sets off the same vibe - crispy fresh air of the Blue Mountains infused with aromas of Eucalyptus trees, waterfalls and rustic sandstone cliffs to help you experience the breathtaking beauty and mystical natural phenomenon in your daily life.


VIC Ballarat Gold Medal Candle


Get a taste of the gold fever that hit Ballarat of Victoria back in the 1850s with our VIC Ballarat Gold Metal Candle. The town of Ballarat was overjoyed by the windfall when residents found gold hidden in the sprawling wilderness that makes up most of this old country town.


Rumor has it that Victoria is experiencing its second gold rush but what interests us more is the old world charm of Ballarat with its history and grandeur back from the day still remain intact.


Our VIC Ballarat Gold Metal Candle embodies the aromas of earthy soil, peppery leather and a metallic crispness to take you back to the 1850s.


NT Kakadu National Park Forest Spell Candle



Yet another World Heritage listed site, located at Northern Territory, the Kakadu National Park with its unique archaeological and ethnological reserve is the country's largest national park.


The enormous nature reserve encompasses wetlands, rivers and sandstone escarpments and hosts thousands of plant species and wildlife.


You can savor the refreshing beautiful water lilies, waterfalls, lush rainforests and elusive native botanicals that thrive in the Kakadu National Park with our NT Kakadu National Park Forest Spell Candle.


SA Flinders Ranges Earthy Echo Candle


If you are looking for an otherworldly experience, there is no better place to visit than the Flinders Ranges at South Australia to give you a Mars-like feeling with its towering ancient cliffs, dusty red roads and deep craters border created through erosion over millions of years.


If you are into earthy scents, the SA Flinders Ranges Earthy Echo Candle is a perfect complement of that ambiance. The candle has notes of rich, earthy outcrop that carries an exuberance of arid fresh air in rocky mountain ranges, stunning gorges and sheltered creeks.


WA Margaret River Gourmet Escape Candle


Once done with white beaches, rugged mountains, ancient towns and lush rainforests, Australia offers you its renowned premium wine regions.


Margaret River of Western Australia is known around the world for her beautiful vineyards, vintage wine and gourmet food.  Paying tribute to this gourmet destination, our WA Margaret River Gourmet Escape Candle captures the delectable, silky sweet aroma of Margaret River's rolling hills surrounded by oceans and forests.


Our Landmark candles are handmade with a delicate combination of natural wax and scents for a slower and longer-lasting burn to transform your space into a uniquely Australian wilderness ambiance.


Are you now ready to embark on your own journey across Australia and experience some of the very best scents Australia has to offer?  Thank you @karl_shakur for sharing the epic masterpiece picture with us for the featured image.  Bon Voyage!

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