SA Earthy Echo Diffuser 150mL

Take on a remarkable adventure, and explore the landscape of Flinders Ranges in Southern Australia, that is more than 600 million years old.  Relax in the Outback where you can befriend with the rocky mountains, weathered rocks, rugged soil, softening that with lushes of eucalyptus trees growing alongside the breezy creeks and finally touched up by the exuberance of arid fresh air.

Carefully dismount the porcelain wand from the box. Pour the fragrance oil out from the individual bottle into the art glass vessel.  Finally, insert the porcelain wand into the art glass vessel and wait for the scent to naturally diffuse into the air.  Voilà.


Be caution not to split the fragrance oil onto any wooden surface, and always handle with care. Remember to keep it away from pets and children, and wash your hands after coming in contact with the fragrance oil.

Our one-of-a-kind diffusing “wand” is made from the magical bisque porcelain, traditionally been used in Europe for prestigious sculpture making and pottery. It is a luxurious unglazed material with a matt appearance and texture to the touch, and exclusively hand-made to enhance the sensory experience with a maximum fragrance-throw crafted for scent endurance. The fragrance will last 3 times longer than the reed sticks in the normal environment.

Our handmade porcelain diffuser will give you 90 days+ of pure sensory enjoyment and let you wander off into the Australian wilderness whenever you want to at ease, without having to light a match or do anything.


Our artisanal diffuser glass vessel is hand blown individually from recycled glass and each bears a unique, one-of-a-kind, marble pattern that gives off a beautiful silhouette, matched only by the magnificent Australian wilderness.  That’s really exclusive.


So what you are getting is our heartfelt expression of bringing Australian wilderness into urban living fused with exquisite perfume mastery and modern art deco.