VIC Gold Medal Candle 275g

Discover Australia's goldfields town of Ballarat in Victoria and experience the exciting moments of gold panning and adventurous grandeur in fortune exploration.  Setting stage on 25 acres of countryside wilderness, the scents of metallic crispiness, earthy soil and peppery leather fill the air of the 1950s gold rush era.


Please use the candle with care and allow a maximum straight burning time of 3 hours.   Place the candle firmly on a table or flat stable surface and clear away from any objects that can catch fire.


Blow out the candle completely before it is left out of your sight when done.  Be smart also to trim and clean off the wood wick, by removing the black burnt residues left on a used wick, using a tissue to wipe off or a wick-cutter to remove the section to about 1 cm.


If you have done all that, our candle will surely give you an unforgettable self-indulging experience, and maximising its burn time.

Made with 100% natural wax and burn with our, one-of-a-kind, ECO-Timber Wick, that not only supports a slow and long-lasting burn but also clean emission without any black smog.

Our handmade candle will give you 60+ hours of pure enjoyment and let you wander off into the Australian wilderness whenever you want to.


Our artisanal glass vessel is hand blown individually from recycled glass and each bears a unique, one-of-a-kind, marble pattern that gives off a beautiful silhouette while the candle is being burnt.  That’s really exclusive.


So what you are getting is our heartfelt expression of bringing Australian wilderness into urban living fused with exquisite perfume mastery and modern art deco.